Investment Management In Retirement

Investing In Retirement Shouldn’t Be Scary!

Redrock Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor firm in Las Vegas. We provide comprehensive investment management services to individuals and businesses, both locally and nationally.

We invest a bit differently here at Redrock:

  • We don’t sell investments or insurance products. We create financial plans to accomplish your goals. Investments are merely a tool to help you reach your goals. Put simply, without a plan how would you know what investments you actually need?
  • We’re investment “agnostic”. Since our only compensation comes directly from our clients, we’re free to recommend the most appropriate financial tools from the universe of available options without the bias of fat commission products.
  • We believe in rigorous academic testing. Our investing strategy is soundly rooted in academics, not whims or fads. It’s time tested, verifiable, and designed to execute your financial plan with a great degree of success!


We believe in evidence. The evidence says there are 5 key factors which determine the overwhelming majority of your investment results:

1. Markets Are Efficient. The securities markets do an excellent job of valuing securities based on all available information and future expectations. As such, we do not trade stocks, bonds, or market sectors. Rather we invest in the entire marketplace of global securities (with few limitations.)

2. Diversification Is Critical. By selecting specific securities or sectors of the market, you risk missing gains found in other securities or market sectors. We believe in owning ALL securities and market sectors, and the statistics verify it’s far more effective than playing the security selection game.

3. Returns Come With Risks. The most important investment decision we’ll make together is how much to allocate to stocks versus bonds. That single decision will determine the largest part of your investment risk and returns.

4. Portfolio Returns Are Determined By Portfolio Structure. Security selection and market timing don’t matter much. It’s the allocation plan you have in place which will determine the majority of your success or failure.

5. Rebalancing Keeps Your Plan On Track. The rebalancing process forces us to constantly “sell high” and “buy low” on your behalf. This adds incremental value to your investment returns and ultimately your financial planning results.


We just discussed the science of investing, but there’s also an art required to create your investment strategy. Our focus is first and foremost on your financial plan and how to achieve your financial goals, and secondly on the investment plan required to make your financial plan work.

That’s the art of what we do! We create custom-tailored investment solutions that match your financial plan seamlessly.

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