Will your retirement be both memorable and purposeful?

The Retirement Architect Program

There are things in life which take both money and planning to achieve. The Retirement Architect program helps you define your ultimate retirement lifestyle, then execute to make it happen.

It’s an immersive financial and investment planning experience. There’s very little we don’t tackle throughout the process.

Our Client Services Calendar



Star Track Plan Progress Benchmarking
Life Boat Market Crash Drill
Side-By-Side Planning Scenarios
Social Security Maximization
Financial Goals Assessment
Budgeting & Cash Flow Management
Executive Summary & Action Item Checklist
Statement of Net Worth


Roth Conversion Strategy
IRA/Roth Funding Strategy
Required Minimum Distributions


Reverse Line of Credit Analysis
Life Insurance Needs Analysis


Beneficiary Review
Homestead Verification


Notary Services


24/7 Online & Mobile Access To Portfolio & Planning
RetireWire Blog Tips & Tools
Client Check-In’s
Educational Events
Personal Video Update & Performance Review
In Person Planning & Review


Access to DFA Institutional
Asset Allocation & Rebalancing
fi360 Fiduciary Investment Analysis
Investment Committee Review
Investment Performance Reporting
Portfolio Probability Matrix Review
Riskalyze Scoring & Portfolio Verification

After your financial plan is perfect, we’ll execute using a world-class investing process

The world of investment management can be highly complex, confusing, and frustrating for most investors. Fortunately, we focus on your financial plan first, which helps us take the worry out of the process.

Part of your financial & investment plan is understanding your risk tolerance. Your risk tolerance is important, so we use the industry’s premier risk tolerance assessment process by Riskalyze.

Your Risk Score is then complimented by your risk capacity and risk required from your financial plan. These three aspects of your planning determine your ultimate investment portfolio.

After we have a solid grasp on your most appropriate investment mix, we execute using investment strategies created by the highest levels of academia. While we’re 100% independent with no ties to any insurance or investment managers, we’ve found a high level of investment excellence with Dimensional Fund Advisors .

We have access to every investment available through our institutional custodian TD Ameritrade. Since the universe of investments is vast, our investment process involves a thorough scrubbing to help ensure consistency and quality. We use the fi360 process for this each and every quarter. If our process exposes any weakness, we make changes accordingly.

Once your plan is fully implemented, we follow a consistent and structured process of ensuring your investment portfolio stays on track throughout your retirement lifetime.

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