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We are Retirement Financial Advisors in Las Vegas

We work with people in the retirement transition and decumulation phase of life. Our clients tend to seek out expert and experienced financial advice with things like:

  • Social Security timing, delaying, and claiming decisions
  • Coordination of investment assets across various types of accounts
  • How best to spend down taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts
  • Multi-bucket Roth conversions to slash income taxes and minimize the widow tax
  • Knowing how they can retire, when they can retire, and if they actually have enough money
  • Understanding and planning for catastrophic long-term medical expenses
  • Strategizing backup retirement financing … and more!

As a fiduciary, we work with clients on a fee-only financial planning and investment management basis. We’re a smaller “boutique” style firm, but you’d never know it! We have all of the retirement & financial planning capabilities those big stodgy brokerage firms do. Being small simply allows us to focus with laser precision on delivering a client-focused and results-driven experience!

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Things are quite different at Redrock

Independent financial advisors in Las Vegas

As independent financial advisors we work for you… not some big brokerage or insurance firm.

Fiduciary financial advisors in Las Vegas

We’re fiduciary financial advisors and have embraced that responsibility since we opened our doors in 2005.

Experienced financial advisors in Las Veags

We’ve been around the block, and you won’t find many advisors in Las Vegas with our extensive experience.

Fee-only financial advisors in Las Vegas

We’re fee-only advisors NOT fee-based advisors (which means your broker accepts fees and commissions).

Need Help Investing?

We’re an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® in Las Vegas. This means we’re bound to put our client’s interests above our own at all times. As such, we never accept any commissions, perks, or benefits from outside companies to pitch you investment or insurance products. Rather we work for you! Learn more about our investment management services here:

Need Help Investing?

Need A Real Financial Plan?

Other “financial advisors” in Las Vegas (and nationally) disguise a high-powered sales pitch as a watered down financial plan – neither of them are good for you! Our financial plan process is designed to help you achieve your goals which take both money and planning. We don’t have investment or insurance products to sell. Our focus is ensuring you’ll enjoy everything your finances can offer without the risk of dying broke!

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