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Why consider Redrock for your investment & financial planning?

All financial advisors are not created equal. Some focus on you and your goals, others focus on themselves and their commission check. Some things you can settle for… a financial advisor isn’t one of them.

“There are massive differences in financial advisors. Some work for you, others work for Wall Street.”

~ Greg Phelps, CFP®, AIF®, CLU®, AAMS®

Just consider for a moment, “Who writes my financial advisors paycheck?”

If YOU pay your financial advisor, they work for you. Their financial advice will be in your best interests.

On the other hand, if some big investment or insurance company writes their paycheck, shouldn’t you question what their real agenda is? Could it be to please big brother by selling you the most profitable insurance and investment products?

Familiarize yourself with how our industry works before you hire an advisor. It will help you make a wise decision in whose hands you entrust your financial future!

 Other "financial advisors"Redrock Wealth Management
The "standard of care"The vast majority of financial advisors settle for a "suitability standard of care".We embrace our fiduciary responsibility to our clients (and put it in writing!) just like your attorney, accountant or doctor.

The responsibility"Financial advisors" paid by their employer to sell you insurance and investment products.Fee-Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® focused on your financial planning and investment management needs.
The focusThe products which pay commissions and fees and often offer other hidden perks and benefits.The comprehensive process which accomplishes what you value most!
The compensationPaid commissions, perks, benefits and fees by brokerage firms or insurance companies to sell you financial products.Compensated fees only from clients (asset based, hourly or project)
The investmentsExpensive commissioned products and higher fee solutions. Higher costs and expenses directly affect your returns.No-load investment solutions. Lower costs and expenses directly benefit your investment performance and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.
The employerWall Street insurance and investment companies.As independent advisors, our clients employ us.

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