As independent advisors, we work for you… Not wall street!

We’re Independent Financial Advisors

Your financial advisor’s independence is critical to your financial success. You’d seriously question your doctor’s advice if he was paid by the drug companies after all.

Our ONLY compensation comes from . . . our clients! Our only incentive is to help you reach your financial and retirement planning goals.

As independent financial advisors, we

  • Never sell insurance or investment products
  • Never accept any form of kickback or perk from someone else
  • Never allow the bias of a third party to jade our financial advice to you
Your financial advisor either works for you, or their employer. Just look at who writes their paycheck to figure out which one.

If their paycheck comes from some brokerage or insurance company, they aren’t working for you. If they’re not working for you, how will you know if their advice is in your best interests or not?

No one tells us what’s best for our clients. We’ll decide that together!

At Redrock Wealth Management, we’re completely autonomous. Being 100% independent means we’re never beholden to some other company or person. Rather, we answer to you and you only! This is quite different for financial advisors working for a brokerage firm. They must answer to the company who writes their paycheck, we answer to you and you only!