Will Retirement Be Memorable and Purposeful? Or Dull And Boring?

We help You retire with confidence

Some retirees want to “bounce” the check for their casket and enjoy every last dime they worked for, saved, and invested. Sadly, many other retirees are so deathly afraid of running out of money they just can’t seem to enjoy the money they have.

What good were all of those years of hard work and saving if you can’t seem to live the retirement you dreamed of?

Your Retirement Architect is as unique as you are. Your goals for the best chapter of your life are special to you.

While our purpose is making massive improvements to your retirement planning—giving you more money with less worry—our true passion is giving you the money confidence to actually enjoy it!

How We Help You Enjoy Retirement

Our planning process is highly robust from start to finish. What makes it so powerful though, are the world-class tools we use to create it. Those tools are designed to help you feel good about the money you spend enjoying retirement. And by “feel good” we mean confidence that your spending won’t put you in the “poor house” late in life.

Most of your spending comes early in retirement. When you’re in your 60’s and early 70’s you’re likely going to be more active which means more spending. When you’re in your late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s you’ll likely travel and spend less, opting instead to enjoy time with family and friends closer to home.

One of the main discussion points we’ll have centers around your chances of not running out of money. We use highly sophisticated software to illustrate this to you. More specifically, the software we use incorporates a “Monte Carlo Analysis.”

The Monte Carlo analysis is a statistical representation of your retirement outcomes. While the retirement planning process matches your retirement goals with your assets and income, expenses, and liabilities, the Monte Carlo analysis shows your financial chances of achieving those things and not running out of money!

If we can take your retirement plan results from 84% success to 95% success through planning and management, would you feel better about spending the money you always wanted to?

Those improvements in a client’s plan are all from strategies and tactics we use on a daily basis. Things like:

  • Roth Conversions
  • Investment Strategy
  • Bear Buckets and Sliders
  • Tax-efficient Spending Strategies
  • Social Security Maximization
  • And a lot more!

Monitoring And Managing Your Plan

We review your plan together typically twice per year. During each review we’ll see how your plan is weathering retirement.

If your plan was an 84% Monte Carlo success rate and due to an unexpected expense or poor market performance (we can’t control the markets and never claim to predict them) it’s a 74% at your next review, we may discuss solutions like a short term reduction in your retirement income, putting off a big purchase for a year, or modeling other future spending reductions.

If your plan was an 84% Monte Carlo success rate and your portfolio performed amazingly well, we may discuss increasing your retirement spending, or modeling in some of those retirement “wishes” you may not have thought were possible!

Your Retirement Architect plan is a living breathing thing. We don’t even bother printing them anymore because it changes day by day. Each time we review your plan, we’ll make updates and tweaks and adjust to your life situation throughout retirement.

So If You Want To Enjoy Retirement

If you really, truly, want to enjoy retirement, you must know what you can comfortably spend. This requires a comprehensive mapping of your retirement finances and goals. A Retirement Architect Plan is the one thing you simply must have to enjoy retirement to its fullest!

We’ll help you create a clear path towards living and enjoying your best retirement possible!

Make Your Way To A Better Retirement

Our Retirement Mastery Toolkit will help design and enjoy your best retirement possible!

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