Retiring in Las Vegas? Here’s how to live your BEST retirement life in the Silver State metropolis

I may be biased, but if you are thinking about retiring in Las Vegas, I am positive that you can have an amazing retirement here in the entertainment capital of the world.  

In a previous blog, I talked about all of the amazing activities available to you when you retire in Las Vegas. Things like golfing, mainstream concerts and sporting events, hiking, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Today’s blog is still about just how great it is to retire in Las Vegas. But, the focus here is on how to make sure that you are fulfilled and living with purpose – something the many recently retired folks struggle with. 

It’s important to continue to contribute to your community (wherever you happen to be) and feel useful – if you do, both your community and you will reap the benefits. 

So if you sitting on the couch all day isn’t your idea of a fulfilling retirement, you need not worry about retiring in Las Vegas as the area provides endless opportunities for a productive, enjoyable, and fulfilling lifestyle. 


It’s no secret that we all want to feel that we have a purpose in life – this is especially true and important in the retirement stage. 

Commonly, new retirees feel elated when they are no longer controlled by their job. The feelings of jubilation seem to last about one year. After that, it is fairly common for retirees to suffer from a lack of social interaction, feelings of being useless, and a lack of purpose. 

This is why it is so important to know your “why”, the reason you get up in the morning and keep charging forward. Maybe your why is to keep learning, or leave a legacy of volunteerism behind. Or perhaps you feel driven to be a role model for a younger person. 

You may have a completely different reason, but the important element here is to keep your motivations alive so that you can thrive.  

I want you to feel fulfilled and feel that you have a true purpose in your everyday life – even if it is something very basic or simple. 

Don’t confuse being busy or occupied and running around all day with feeling fulfilled.

The point is to feel content, joyful and fulfilled with both major and minor activities – not just “being busy.”

Here are some ways that will allow you to live the best retirement in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is full of people having a good time. Couples are getting married, others are on their honeymoon, coworkers golf year-round, and there is always a top-notch show or concert to see.

But like any city, there are a lot of people that need help. As a retiree in Las Vegas, your skills, knowledge, expertise, and time can make a tremendous impact on many people’s lives.

Here some ways retired people give back to the Las Vegas community: 

Opportunity Village – This is an inspiring organization that helps adults with disabilities become better members of themselves through vocational training, employment, recreational programs, and career development. By volunteering here, you would be helping these adults gain independence and integrate themselves into the workforce and the community. 

Three square – Three Square is all about food. They prepare, pack, and deliver food to area schools and organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club. They also provide programs that combat childhood and senior hunger problems. Additionally, Three square provides nutritional services and education to vulnerable members of society. 

Three Square is a great way retired people can help feed those less fortunate.

Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada – The Boys & Girls Club accepts volunteers to help students with homework and classes, before- and after-school daycare, and to be role models for teens. The goal of the organization is to help young people reach their full potential. If you can tutor in any school subject, this is the place for you!

The Shade Tree – The Shade Tree provides shelter to abused women and children in crisis. This is a huge shelter (the biggest in the state) that provides critical services to women and children when they need it most. They also accept pets in their shelter. The services most needed are meal service, playing with children, participating in a project, or teaching a class. 

The options are endless for volunteering in Las Vegas. If you have a desire to volunteer, take the step and help us improve our city. As you can probably guess, volunteering is a fantastic way to not only improve a stranger’s life but also to improve yours. Science proves that the health benefits of volunteering are numerous

Volunteer to teach others

If you have specialized knowledge, share it with others! Many established not-for-profit organizations put on classes for the benefit of the community. 

And you don’t have to wait for any particular “organization” to set everything up. If you would like to teach a subject, any subject, (or volunteer in another capacity) be proactive and approach schools, community resources such as churches, or other organizations. Let them know what you would like to do and how you can help.


We all know that Las Vegas is hard to beat in terms of entertainment. We have Cirque du Soleil, magicians and illusionists, championship boxing, and huge concerts. 

What many people new to Las Vegas don’t know about is the fine-arts scene.

Do you like classical music? Check out the Las Vegas Philharmonic.   

The Smith Center is the place to listen to Cabaret jazz, see a Las Vegas Broadway musical, or enjoy a ballet performance.   

If you like concerts, The Henderson Pavilion also offers an array of shows including orchestra, theatre performances, and other concerts of various genres (such as the Blues festival).

Are you a museum enthusiast?  These are some local favorites:

  • The Discovery Children’s Museum
  • The National Atomic Testing Museum 
  • The Mob Museum
  • The Metropolitan Gallery of Arts Museum
  • The Hoover Dam Museum
  • The Pinball Hall of Fame

These museums are the current favorites on Tripadvisor

Southern Nevada has a rich history – from native Americans to Area 51. Take time to learn about all the fascinating events that have transpired here. Who knows, you might end up as a tour guide at your favorite museum! 


Keep your mind fresh and engaged by improving existing skills or by learning new ones.

A great way to do this is to take some classes. Lucky for you, the Las Vegas Valley has many places to take classes, such as UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada. 

The UNLV is home to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute whose mission is to “challenge your mind and stimulate your spirit.” One really cool thing about this program is that year-round classes can be purchased for $175 total!

Classes include topics such as film, capitalism, crocheting and knitting, learning to play the ukulele, writing courses, and so many more. Look at the course offerings here

CSN also has personal and professional development classes. 

Classes and learning are not limited to these universities. There are dozens of different class offerings available in the city for things such as personal finance, learning to ride motorcycles, photography, and even to learn to be a Master Gardener


You may be thinking, “Why in the world would I start a business if I just retired?” 

A business doesn’t have to be a large scale operation and you don’t need to replace Amazon. Here’s what some other retirees have done

You could start a business built around your previous career, teaching a subject that you are an expert in or one that involves your main passion.

Don’t focus on the money. Rather, focus on the community impact the business could have.

If you plan your business development so that it is enjoyable, you will likely feel immense satisfaction and fulfillment, especially if you can help other people while you are at it. 

If you are retired, you most likely don’t need a high-profit business in the first place. Although a well-designed business that you find enjoyable could help bring in a little extra income. 

This could help stretch-out your retirement income, keep you as busy as you want and with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

To be clear, it’s not about being busy nor creating a “job” for yourself, and it certainly shouldn’t produce stress. But, this could be a great way to ward off those feelings of not having a purpose and make a positive impact on someone’s life.

So, How Are You Going To Live A Fulfilling Retirement in Las Vegas?

As they say, the world is your oyster. So take advantage of all the amazing amenities and opportunities available here in Las Vegas. It truly is a special place to live.

If you retire in Las Vegas, there are so many ways you can enjoy the city and contribute to its well being. All you have to do is look.

If you have questions about financial planning, or what a Las Vegas retirement would look like, feel free to reach out to me today so that I can help you make your goals a reality. 

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