no matter your financial situation, we’ll create a plan to improve it

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail!
~Benjamin Franklin

You Need A Financial Plan

When it comes to your money, nothing could be more true!

Most of us meander through life, throwing a few bucks into our retirement plan at work, socking away a little cash for a rainy day. We hope for the best, thinking that one day maybe we’ll be able to retire.

Leaving your financial future to chance and randomness is complete lunacy . . . and it’s not a plan!

What does your “dream retirement” look like?

You have goals which take both money and planning to achieve. You also have financial questions like:
  • When can I retire?
  • How much can I spend in retirement?
  • How much should I allocate to stocks, bonds, and real estate?
  • Will I run out of money?
  • Should I take the lump sum pension buyout or get a monthly check?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • What if the market crashes again?
  • How can I reduce my taxes?
  • What if we experience hyper-inflation?
  • What if Social Security gets cut?
  • What if I die too early, or live too long?
  • Will long term care expenses bankrupt my spouse?

And on and on and on . . .  you get the point! You have life goals which take both money and planning to achieve, our Retirement Zoomer can help!

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What Is A Financial Plan Anyway?

Financial planning is the process of matching your life goals with your current and future ability to achieve them. We happen to be experts in matching those two critical things together!

Financial planning takes your:

  • Assets
  • Expenses
  • Income
  • Liabilities

Then maps them out with you’re goals and dreams for the future. The process is highly complex, but we make it easy.

The Retirement Zoomer retirement planning process is the best way to make sure your financial future is on track!

STEP 1: Your Financial Goals
We start the planning process by taking your financial goals (otherwise known as your current and future expenses), and separating them into bite-sized chunks.

Want to retire at 62? Great! Want to travel in retirement? Awesome! Like new cars every 4 years? Perfect!

We’ll chart your financial goals and add in the critical stuff like your basic living expenses, future medical costs, and a discretionary budget for fun stuff!

STEP 2: Show Me The Money!
Next, we’ll add in every financial aspect of your life. We’ll include your pensions, rental incomes, Social Security, and any other streams of income you may have.

We also include your financial assets, such as Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, stocks, bonds, CD’s and savings at the bank, and other investment accounts.

Finally, we compile your non-financial assets. These are things such as your home value, rental property values, collections and art, etc. Any valuable assets which may be liquidated to accomplish your financial goals are included as a resource for your financial plan.
STEP 3: How Hard Will Your Money Work For You?
Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make is how to invest your money in order to accomplish your goals. The investments you choose are like putting gas in your car – they make your plan work!

There are three things we’ll discuss, because a simple risk tolerance questionnaire just doesn’t cut it! Most investors (and unfortunately most “financial advisors”) do a simple “can you stomach this amount of loss” test. Since your financial life is far more complex, we go much farther.

We believe in a three-pronged approach to determine “what gas to put in your car”:

Investment Risk Tolerance

The amount of investment risk you feel comfortable with (i.e. what you can sleep with at night) is called investment risk tolerance. It only tells one small part of the story however. Because of this, we focus on two additional components.

Investment Risk Capacity

Your investment risk capacity is the amount of investment loss you can withstand and still achieve your financial goals. For example, you may be perfectly comfortable with a 20% drop in a bad stock market. However, if you’re in the de-cumulation phase of life, your financial plan may be completely derailed!

Investment Risk Required

You may not be willing to tolerate a 20% drop in your investment portfolio, but that level of risk may be required to achieve your financial planning goals. For example, if your financial goals are so lofty your investments must produce an abnormally high rate of return, you must be willing to accept an investment portfolio with a commensurate level of risk.

Our process will help you become a fearless investor help you become a fearless investor!

STEP 4: Are You On Track For A Great Retirement, Or Headed Off A Cliff?

We’ll review all of the information together and show you if you’re on the right path to your dream retirement or if you’re going to fall short. Side by side, we’ll illustrate how continuing with the “status quo” will end up for you and give you multiple options to improve it.

Should you sell that rental in 10 years? Should you do a reverse mortgage or line of credit? Does your plan improve if you switch pension options to a reduced survivor’s benefit? Perhaps, but it also might leave your spouse out in the cold!

We’ll go through all of the options together, showing you how to improve your financial situation at every turn. If you want to enjoy your dream retirement, our process will deliver!

STEP 5: What Are You Afraid Of?
A financial plan without action is just a wish. We want you to execute our recommended strategies with ultimate confidence. That’s why our fifth step it so tackle any financial fears you may have.

We’ll show you what happens to your financial future if:

  • Inflation soars or plummets
  • The markets tank early on in retirement, or later in life
  • Social Security benefits are cut
  • You experience major long-term medical expenses
  • You live longer (or shorter) than expected
Only after you have supreme confidence in your financial plan will you execute on it. Our mission is to give you that critical level of confidence by reviewing multiple financial scenarios.

What You’ll Get From The Retirement ZOOmer

Once complete, we’ll email you a PDF copy of your financial plan. In the report you’ll find every piece of your financial puzzle we’ve reviewed, tweaked, and improved.

You’ll also get an “Executive Summary” with specific, actionable steps to improve your personal finances. The Executive Summary will detail things in your personal financial plan which will help catapult you to the highest level of retirement success possible.

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What Does a retirement zoomer retirement plan Cost?

Our Retirement Zoomer plans cost $2,000.

What Information Do I Need?
Upon scheduling, we’ll send you a list of statements and other information we may find helpful in completing your financial plan.
How Long Does It Take?

We’ll spend about 3 working on your plan together either in the office or virtually through videoconferencing. The entire process takes about 5 hours as we spend an additional two hours prepping your plan report and Executive Summary Action Items.

Can I just hire you hourly to do a retirement plan zoomer?

No. Our hourly financial planner services do not include the use of our award winning retirement planning software which adds substantial complexity and accuracy to your retirement plan.