We’re not your typical money managers…

Investing Is Different At Redrock

Redrock Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor firm in Las Vegas. We provide comprehensive investment management services to individuals and businesses, both locally and nationally.
We invest a bit differently here at Redrock:
  • We don’t sell investments or insurance products. We create financial plans to accomplish your goals, investments are merely a tool to help you reach your goals. Put simply, we think it’s foolish to invest without a financial plan. How would you know what investments you actually need?
  • We’re investment “agnostic”. Since our only compensation comes directly from our clients, we’re free to recommend the most appropriate financial tools from the universe of available options without the bias of high paying fee or commission products.
  • We believe in rigorous academic testing. Our investing strategy is soundly rooted in academics, not whims or fads. It’s time tested, verifiable, and designed to execute your financial plan with a great degree of success!

The 3 components to a great investment management plan

We believe it’s foolish for an investment manager to do a simple risk tolerance questionnaire and cherry-pick an investment portfolio. It’s simply not enough information!

Investment Risk Tolerance

The amount of investment risk you feel comfortable with (i.e. what you can sleep with at night) is called investment risk tolerance. However, market volatility often complicates the term. In good markets, your risk tolerance is higher, and in bad markets your risk tolerance sinks. Additionally, does it really make a difference if your portfolio dropped 15% or 20% in 2008? On a half million dollar portfolio, that’s a drop of $150,000 or $200,000. While $50,000 is certainly a lot of money, the fact is your investment portfolio dropped . . . and by a lot! Either way, you’re going to be frustrated with the paper losses. Because of this, we focus on two additional components.

Investment Risk Capacity

Your investment risk capacity is the amount of investment loss you can withstand and still achieve your financial goals. For example, you may be perfectly comfortable with a 20% drop in a bad stock market; however, if you’re in the de-cumulation phase of life, your financial plan may be completely derailed! In this case, we must match your risk capacity with your financial plan to make sure you can withstand those inevitable market drops.

Investment Risk Required

You may not be willing to tolerate a 20% drop in your investment portfolio, but that level of risk may be required to achieve your financial planning goals. For example, if your financial goals are so lofty your investments must produce an abnormally high rate of return, you must be willing to accept an investment portfolio with a commensurate level of risk. If you’re unwilling to accept a portfolio with that level of risk, you’ll need to either reduce your financial goals, or increase your investment savings.
So ask yourself, isn’t it vital to have an investment management program driven by your ultimate financial needs and desires for the future? Or is it OK to have an investment plan that’s thrown together based off what you think you can tolerate emotionally?