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Investment "Alpha" Is Gone

“Alpha” in the traditional sense is gone. You need to maximize your retirement plan in all areas such as tax and income structuring to add value.

Vanguard Thinks You Could Add Up To 3% MORE

Learn the 7 tactics Vanguard thinks you should add to your retirement planning and portfolio which could add up to 3%.

Morningstar Says You Can Get 1.57% MORE

Learn the 5 ways Morningstar says you can boost your retirement planning and portfolio by 1.57%.

What You Need To Do This Yourself

I’ll tell you what you need to have and do to execute on these strategies yourself.

Hi, I’m Greg!

Over the last couple of decades I’ve helped hundreds—if not thousands—of people just like you retire. Over that time, nothing has struck me more than the fear . . . the anxiety . . . the frustration they felt in the process. And it’s to be expected, I mean you only retire once right? (hopefully anyway . . .)

As the beads of sweat rolled down their foreheads they wondered “Will I die broke?” “Can I take those trips?” “What if I get sick for years late in life?” “Will I leave too much—or not enough—money behind?”

So I’ve made it my passion—my purpose—to help alleviate that fear and worry. Retirement should be fun after all, not worry and stress-filled. If you’re not confident in your path to living the retirement of your dreams, by default you’ll never be able to live the retirement of your dreams (because you’ll always be worried, and the retirement of your dreams can’t possibly include worrying all the time!)

How do I do this you ask? How do I help alleviate those fears and worries the nearly—and newly—retired person faces?

I do this through a methodical process of retirement planning, and part of that planning is feverishly squeezing every last dime out of your finances. Sometimes it’s through smarter investing. Sometimes it’s by slashing your lifetime taxes. Sometimes it’s creating the perfect plan for you.

For today’s webinar, it’s about maximizing your retirement income, minimizing your taxes, planning and managing your investments the right way. I’ve studied every word in these Morningstar and Vanguard reports, and my hope for you is that by breaking down their tactics you’ll be able to live a more confident, more memorable, and more purposeful retirement! The one you’ve always dreamed of . . .

Yours in financial prosperity,

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