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How To Find A Financial Advisor You Can Trust In 5 Steps

This guide will teach you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about finding and hiring the best financial advisor for your situation!

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator

This handy spreadsheet calculator will help you create a retirement budget and run the numbers on your retirement future.

Pre-Retirement Quick Guide

This quick and easy read will teach you the three basic steps to a successful retirement . . . Learning, Assessment, and Trying Retirement.

Critical Retirement Dates & Deadlines

Wondering when you need to enroll in Medicare? How much Social Security you’ll lose by claiming early? Or maybe you want to learn more about your IRA required distributions? It’s all right here in this handy reference sheet.

Retirement Budget Calculator

Whether you micro-manage your budget monthly or throw generalized annual numbers in, this retirement budgeting spreadsheet will help you solve the #1 question every nearly retired person has “How much do I need to retire?”

My book “The Portfolio Architect: 5 Keys To Design, Build, and Manage Your Ultimate Investment Plan”

I spent two years writing this book where I walk you through the basics of designing and building a diversified, low-cost, risk-appropriate investment plan.

A Sample Comprehensive Retirement Plan

In this sample plan, you’ll see how each incremental improvement in an otherwise “sunk” retirement plan can add tens—to hundreds—of thousands of dollars over your retirement lifetime.

The Key Financial Data Cheat Sheet

Here it is! Updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act you’ll find every important piece of financial data you could ever want for retirement! Be warned, it’s a lot and you may need a microscope.

fi360 List of The Best Mutual Fund Companies for 2020

How good are the mutual fund companies you’re invested with? Find out here in the fi360 report of the best mutual fund companies to invest with for 2020.

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We know retirement can be scary . . . we get it! Collectively we have over 5 decades of helping people retire with confidence. We know what that takes, and we know how to help you retire with confidence as well.

Part of that is knowing the critical factors which affect your retirement finances, so we created this toolkit. We hope you enjoy it, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss your unique situation further.