Fiduciary Retirement Financial Advisors in Boise

We help those nearly (or newly) retired in Boise with a portfolio of $1,000,000 or more live the retirement of their dreams with confidence!

Hi, I’m Greg and my twin boys attend Boise State University where we own a home. While my primary residence is in Las Vegas, we spend a great deal of time in Boise and we LOVE IT!

What’s not to love about Boise right? The culture, the city, the outdoors, and the patriotic principles that you hold dear are all reasons we’ll be moving to Boise some day soon.

For now, I’m expanding Redrock Wealth Management to serve those newly or nearly retired with a portfolio of 1 million or more to Boise. If you’d like to chat about how Redrock Wealth Management can help you retire with ultimate money confidence, you can get started here.

Oh! And if you’re not quite newly or nearly retired, or don’t have a portfolio of 1 million or more don’t worry! We can still help remotely through video conferencing, email, and phone!

Redrock Wealth Management
3527 S Federal Way
Ste 103 #1038
Boise, ID 83705