An uber-passionate money coach, author, speaker, financial planner and wealth steward dedicated to calming your nerves and teaching you how to retire with ultimate “money confidence!”

Are you worried about dying broke? Are you afraid you won’t have the retirement you’ve always dreamed of?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Greg Phelps, President of Redrock Wealth Management and publisher of RetireWire.

In my two decades plus career in financial services, I’ve seen first hand the stress and anxiety the decision to retire causes people. It’s easy to see why after all, because once you retire you can’t earn it again!

Your retirement should be memorable and purposeful . . . not stodgy, anxious, and boring! Most importantly your retirement should be stress-free . . . I mean, who wants to retire if you’re going to live in fear that you’ll die broke?

That’s where I come in. I teach people how to retire with confidence.

Confidence they’ll never run out of money. Confidence they can take that trip to Europe, or buy that new car, or help send the grandkids to college.

That’s my passion, that’s my purpose!

Sure I’ve got the typical Wall Street pedigree of credentials and such. If you feel so inclined you can check out my full bio here. Frankly, it’s a lot of boring stuff . . . certifications, alma maters, associations and alphabet soup behind my name—YACK!

If I had written this bio years ago it would be stuffed with how great I am and “I’m the most qualified here’s why.”

But all of that changed a couple of years ago.

I’m a 1 October survivor. I don’t mention that for pity or shock value, I mention it because while the Route 91 mass shooting will never “define” me, it absolutely “refined” me.

My goals, my vision, my passion, and my desire to give back all changed in the aftermath of that night.

Personally, my job as a father and husband wasn’t complete. Professionally, my focus shifted with laser precision to help you prepare for retirement, and teach you how to retire without the anxiety most people feel.

Most importantly my passion became helping you create—and enjoy—the retirement of your dreams with ultimate “money confidence.”

And so with my retirement blog RetireWire I’ll teach you complex topics such as taxes, medical and healthcare costs, estate planning, insurance, investing, retirement planning, credit and debt management, and finally some “fun stuff” like travel!

More importantly, I want to teach you those things in simple, understandable, and actionable terms.

So that’s who I am . . . now the question is “Who are you?”

Are you worried about retiring soon? Are you anxious you’ll die broke or have to move in with your kids because you ran out of money?

Do you feel like you can’t take the trip of your life to someplace you’ve always dreamed to see? Are you afraid to buy that car, or help the grandkids through college?

That’s not a quality—stress-free—retirement in my book . . . you deserve better and I’m here to help!

Drop me a note, ask me anything! I’ll do my best to help you prepare for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of . . . a retirement that’s both memorable and purposeful.

Thanks for visiting Redrock, and please share us with friends and family so they can enjoy the retirement of their dreams as well!